Our Staff

Great Teachers, Native Speakers, Passionate for Languages

We all know that teachers play an important role in making an interesting & enriching learning experience! Our Langma School Family follows very strict process while choosing trainers. All our trainers are qualified, skilled and knowledgeable and have the capability to take your language learning process to the next level. More than professionally trained, our trainers are passionate for languages and cultures.

The Key Highlights of Our Teachers are as Follows:

  • Native speakers with high-level teaching experience
  • Instructors who are trained to train business experience to conduct business-oriented classes
  • Ongoing monitoring to check the quality of professionals in each classroom
  • Experience in customizing the courses and learning programs based on the current demand in the field.

Apart from these, we use stringent selection process to choose experienced and qualified professionals. All our teachers are holding more than 10 plus years of experience whilst others hold PhD or other relevant qualification from an internationally recognized institutions.

How We Teach

Our Langma School provide challenging, interesting and informative classes which helps students to achieve their learning skills as quickly as possible. Our students do more than just learning languages – we will also help to explore different cultures and how to communicate with people from those cultures. Moreover, our teachers use interactive learning programs such as games, presentations, extempore and various activities. Throughout the courses, your progress will be evaluated and will provide you the detailed report in each skill area.

Whether you want to learn new language or to improve your language skills for your job or passion reasons, our Langma School Family can definitely do their best to make your dreams into reality.

Rest assured that when you sign up for Langma Classes, the trainers will definitely provide the customized learning courses to maximize your learning experience.

Join us to expand your wings by learning new languages & new cultures!