General Japanese language program

General Japanese language program

General Japanese language program

People often say that globalization opens international markets, which is one of the vital reasons to learn Japanese. Japan is the third largest economy in the world and its economy is larger than those of UK and Germany. And Japanese is the ninth most spoken language in the world. Globally, around 128.3 million people speak this language. The interesting thing is Japanese anime has become very popular in the US. An entire generation of children grew up watching shows such as Sailor Moon, Dragon Ball and Naruto.

Fun apart, Japanese language is a world-renowned language as Brazil has the largest Japanese community, followed by the United States. And we expertise in this language. Our online Japanese programs are designed to teach you a functional knowledge of a second language in just six weeks. The programs help you master in speaking, listening, reading, and writing. Our programs have lifted over thousands of students to higher positions. At Langma School of Languages, we hire teachers meticulously and all are native speakers. Having years of expertise in the field of teaching, our teachers help you improve your basic verbal communication skills, vocab words, grammar, conversational skills and more.

Our programs are divided into 6 levels:

Japanese for Beginners (N5 & N4) (Starters or Elementary) - Students in this program learn the basic grammar of the language and kanji (800-1500 words) along with the basic conversations of daily activities.

Japanese for Intermediate and Upper Intermediate (N3 & N2) – This is a 20-week program where students cover grammar and learn kanji (3700 – 6000 words). Students can get a good knowledge of the language. Student can expect improvement in pronunciation.

Japanese for Advanced or Mastery (N1) – This 20-week program make student an expert of Japanese. Students will get the knowledge of every aspect of the knowledge from the language skills (listening, reading, writing, and speaking), systems (grammar, vocabulary, functions and pronunciations), with a practice of everyday communication. Before enrolling a student in advanced courses, our Academic Manager will do an extensive analysis on the language skills of the students and this helps to design the best customized individual program for the advanced learners.

As you complete each level, you will be given an opportunity to gauge your understanding via assignments. Our virtual classes are real-time live streaming and interactive. We offer both private and group classes, as per your needs. You will get access to audio and video materials of the language. We also encourage students to participate in role play, group discussions and extempore.

Join our Japanese Language Programs which is fun and useful and learn the language at your convenience. Finally, get certified.