German for professional language program

German for professional language program

German for professional language program

With over 230 million speakers around the world, learning German is only on the rise. Germany’s vast economy growth, technological development and career opportunities are a few endless reasons to learn German. Moreover, German is the second most used scientific language. The most vital reason to learn the language is Germany offers a munificent number of scholarships and other assistance to study in Germany. The country also offers working holiday’s visas for foreigners from different countries, and special visas to skilled professionals and workers.

Enroll to our programs and feel like diving into your new second language. This is a 6-level program (Beginners (A1 & A2), Intermediate (B1 & B2), Advanced (C1 and C2)) where students are encouraged to speak on several topics in the context of day-to-day conversation. Our native and highly qualified German teachers will work on improving your listening and speaking skills through group discussion, role-playing, debate, and other interactive activities.

German for Beginners (A1 & A2)

Students looking to get a basic knowledge of German can enroll to this program. Based on pragmatic approach to language training, the program helps students learn the fundamentals of pronunciations. Students can make sentences and respond to simple questions.

German for Intermediate (B1 & B2)

Students want to improve their German grammar and vocabulary can join this 12-weeks program. At the end of this program, students can describe events, participate in small discussions, share their ideas, and can understand complex texts.

German for Advanced (C1 and C2)

Students who want to take their German speaking skill to the uppermost level can enroll this 14-weeks program. This program covers everything to make a student expert of the language. They will be fluent in German speaking, reading, writing, and listening. Before enrolling a student in advanced courses, our Academic Manager will do an extensive analysis on the language skills of the students and this helps to design the best customized individual program for the advanced learners.

All our teachers are native speakers, highly qualified and hand-picked to give the best results. With us, you will feel just like a real German language class, discussing with your fellow students, and sharing audio and video materials with your German teachers. Our programs allow you to listen to spoken German and respond in German to improve your pronunciation and language skills. Most importantly, all our materials and syllabus are up to date. Finally, you will also be awarded with a course completion certificate at the end of the program.

What is stopping you to enroll the course? Register today and learn & practice German without stepping out of your home or office.