Polish Language Programmers

Polish Language Programmers

Polish Language Programmers

Polish Language Courses at Langma School of Languages

Are you looking to increase your job opportunities, career strength and linguistic skills? The more languages you speak, the bigger your world becomes! Speaking Polish Language gives access to you to become one among the 40 million native speakers in Poland, the UK and Czech Republic. Mastering in Polish Language definitely brings out the best from you!

With Langma School of Languages, you can learn Polish at the comfort of our own desk. Our experienced tutors and speakers will help you to speak Polish language at ease by assisting in terms of reading, writing & communicating. The courses we provide at Langma School of Language cover – Elementary Grammar, Vocabulary, and Socio-Cultural Elements.

All our courses are designed for learners to improve their communication skills in Polish Language and help them to attain a higher standard of proficiency and confidence. Whether you want to learn Polish Language for Beginners Course, or work on your polish reading skills, then start learning Polish Courses with our native polish speakers.

Polish Language Courses for Beginners (A1 & A2)

This course is perfectly fitted for starters and elementary. The program at Langma School of Languages aims to offer the good grounding platform in polishing Polish Language in terms of four disciplines speaking, writing, reading and listening. Our experienced tutors will guide you to use disciplines with practical topics such as expressing thoughts and day to day communication phrases. At Langma School, our courses are aimed to provide you with more confidence and vocabulary skills to discuss and read more the challenging texts in the language.


What is the Course About?

The main aim of this Beginner Course is to bring a strong foundation of understanding of Polish Language among students. And this helps them to begin communication in practical situations with an insight into “Polish culture” 

What We Will Cover?

With the basic course, we will cover the elementary subjects such as grammar and vocabulary. This assist the students to develop both their receptive and productive skills.  After the completion of this course, our students can be able to greet people, and introduce themselves in Polish Language.

What You Will Achieve?

Our teachers teach polish language to students by using the combination of textbooks, exercises, authentic materials and some online applications. Also, we will do our best to make the classroom filled with fun and engage in delivering a friendly atmosphere. Our tutors engage with learners in group classes in providing tasks such as group discussions, interactive games etc. After the successful completion of the course are rewarded with a certificate.

Polish Language Courses for Intermediates (B1 & B2)

This Intermediate Polish Language is the most popular polish program at Langma School of Languages. This course comprises of 10 Lessons of Polish Language Group Classes per week. These classes focus on improving your accuracy, fluency and confidence while speaking Polish Languages. In this Intermediate classes, our tutors focus on real-life grammar, vocabulary, and pronunciation. The main aim of our course is to speak successfully with the native polish speaker. This classes, our teachers will monitor your progress by conducting tests and will give regular feedback which will help you to learn the language with confidence.


Polish Language Courses for Advanced and Mastery (C1 & C2)

This is one of the Intensive Polish Programs available at Langma School of Languages. This comprises of 10 Lessons of Polish Language each week and which mainly focuses on speaking. Before enrolling a student in advanced polish language courses, our Academic Manager will do an extensive analysis on the language skills of the students and this helps to design the best customized individual program for the advanced learners. Our Advanced Polish Courses gives students the opportunity to learn as a group and practice their skills with other learners. The weekend sessions allow each student to individually meet with their teacher, so that personal strengths and weaknesses can be focused on.


Langma Online Classroom Features

If you wish to learn Polish language as a group or individual classes, we are here to provide the customized solution for you! Let us take a look at the features of Polish Language Courses offered at Langma School of Languages.

  • You can learn Polish Language by interacting Face-to-Face with our online tutors.
  • Our experienced professionals are trained to make the class engaging & fun filled.
  • We can also provide study materials such as Video & Audio
  • Improve Communication with Messaging & Conversation Courses
  • Individual & Group Classes
  • Study Materials
  • Class Review & Recordings

With all these features, we provide the best platform for learners who wish to learn Polish Language at the comfort of your home! Contact us today to enroll in the best Polish Language Learning Courses today!