Refund Policy

Langma School’s Refund & Cancellation Policy

Refunds will be initiated only based on the accordance with the following terms and conditions:

Continue reading to find out the different situations where you can claim the refund.  In case, if the request falls under these categories, then the students is entitled to receive certain refunds:

  1. International students who are going back to their home country for reasons like health issues or personal problems are entitled to receive refunds by showing their air tickets or medical reports etc.
  2. If a student got a job abroad and they want to travel immediately, then they can receive the refund by showing the appointment letter of the respective jobs.
  3. In case, the learner didn’t attended any of the courses means, then they are entitled to receive the refundable amount of the percentage 25%.
  4. If the student need to take his enrolment back in between his or her ongoing courses, then he/she is entitled to receive the refund of the fees paid after deducting GST, Course Materials, 10% of amenities and the classes taken. For example:

If the student has paid Rs. 18,500 for the course means, then he/she will get the refund of:

GST(18%): Rs. 3330

Course Material: Rs.  2000

Amenities Used (10%): Rs.1850

Classes Taken (20hrs): Rs. 4528

Total Deduction: Rs. 11708

Refundable Amount: Rs. 6792

  1. The claim approved for refund will be initiated and the amount will be refunded to the learner within 20 days after submitting the entire details and required documents subjected with a written application at the Office of Langma School of Language PVT LTD.
  2. Langma School of Languages are not entitled and not obliged to make refund for students who are terminated due to the violation of discipline or attendance policies.
  3. The approval of refund process will be solely based on the discretion of the Directors of Langma School of Languages.