Localization Service

Localization Services in Dubai

People from different parts of the world gather in Dubai, as Dubai is considered to be the global hub for all types of businesses. Do you want to attract business people towards your business? Then it’s must to do pure translation for your websites, brochures and marketing leaflets. Here comes the importance of Localization.

If you are investing your time & effort in translating your website into another language, why can’t you get help from professional localization services providers like us? We at Langma School of Languages in Dubai provide the best localization services by adapting the documents for foreign audiences.

The skill of localization depends in translating and localizing a document without changing its meaning. And this is what Langma School of Languages comes on trend. Our team of experienced and professionally skilled experts understand the scope of localization services. We extend our localization services for websites, apps, video games and other digital platforms.

Localization services may sound like a translation, but the thing is – a website or any product can’t be simply translated word by word and even we did this kind of translation it will not create the impact on your target audience. So if you want your product or services to be well received in a new market, it requires special attention that’s called Localization Services.

Using our Localization Services in Dubai, the words on your website or the words about your product are converted into a message that is clear to local audience while conveying the original meaning of the content. Apart from this, the complete user interface of the website including font, design and colors of the website is reformatted to target audience.

If a client comes to us for a localization services, we take our time to learn and become familiar with their product and the multilingual audience they serve. Then we build a customized plan for you. Since we have team of native speakers and professional tutors available, our results are in high quality, in faster turnaround time and competitive rates.

You can count on us to deliver exactly what you need and what your audience need!

Types of Content that Langma School of Languages Localize

  1. Websites
  2. Software
  3. Online Applications
  4. eLearning Software
  5. Multimedia Content
  6. Training and Study Materials
  7. Subtitles and Graphics

Let us know if we can help you with our Localization Services in Dubai. You can contact us via call or email!