Multilanguage DTP

Multilanguage Interpretation Services

Langma School of Languages in Dubai offers a range of Multilanguage interpretation services to help companies to communicate all around the world. With a team of multilingual experts, we provide interpretation services from one-to-one conversations to huge conferences. We have team of native speakers for all foreign and regional languages.

Multilanguage Service We Provide

We are the leading Multilanguage interpretation service provider in Dubai. With years of experience in this field, we are helping businesses to break the language barrier and help businesses to communicate with business partners all around the world. The main aim of our interpretation services is to enhance communication between our clients and service providers.

We are the certified language interpretation service provider. We work with a team of highly skilled professionals whose language skills are outstanding. Before the submission of projects, we used to do stringent quality checks to ensure accuracy and to comply with the confidentiality of all your original and transcribed documents.

We have more than decades of experience in providing interpretation services in multilanguages for clients from all countries including Saudi Arabia, Oman, Kuwait, UAE and all European &  Asian Countries.

Langma School of Languages provides interpretation services in Dubai for over 170 languages. Our interpreters maintain strict standards of professionalism in interpreting one to one meetings. With our global network of highly qualified interpreters, we provide your seminars, conferences, online events, panel discussions or broad cast with remote services that meets all your interpretation requirements.

Our Skills in Providing Multilanguage Services

  • With the help of professionally trained experts, we are skilled in doing interpretation directly in the ear of the client to not to disturb people, but still make the communication instantly understandable to the client.
  • Langma School of Languages in Dubai provide phone-to-phone interpretation services in over 100 languages. We have a secure facility equipped with highly competent interpreters who maintain the highest standards of professionalism in providing linguistic services in multilanguages.
  • We provide interpreting services via video conferencing that are conducted with the help of web cameras or video phones from one location from another.
  • We also provide on-site interpreting services by visiting an onsite location to provide face to face interpretation with one or more language speakers.
  • We also provide conference interpretation services. We have everything you need to make global meetings successful and overcoming the barrier of language.

All our interpreters are active listeners and will help you to translate any languages in real time.

If you are looking for a professional interpretation services in Dubai, reach out of us. With a team of multilingual experts, we assure you that all our works will be delivered with high quality & flawless!

For more details, kindly enquire with us!