Transcription Services at Langma School in Dubai

Langma School of Languages is your one stop service provider in Dubai, when it comes to transcription services. We provide high quality, accurate and error free professional transcription services. Our team of professionals are highly talented in transcribing and translating any audio or video document in an error free manner. We assures our clients that our transcription is always up to the mark to meet their expectation. Till the date, we have done over millions of documents transcribed. Our growing list of client database stands as the evidence for our professionalism and standard approach.

What Do We Transcribe?

Our transcription services in Dubai provide this translation and transcription services in various languages including Arabic, French, and Polish etc. With a team of translators and native speakers, we work in coordination with our clients to provide the best results in a timely way.

With the best ambition to provide the best transition services, we cover a wide range of subject matter and recordings from various industries & government bodies. We help clients from industries such as medical field, legal cases, academic research papers, media interviews, marketing presentations as well as conference events and police investigations.

We accept all types of materials in different formats of audio & video files of varying sizes. Not only, we provide transcription services for our clients in Dubai, but also we advises our clients with more options which helps them to enhance their recording quality.  As we receive the clearer video or audio files, the more precise transcribed document you will receive.

We Provide Services Like:

  1. Academic Transcription Services
  2. Meeting in Minutes Transcription Services
  3. Book Transcription Services
  4. Media Transcription Services
  5. Seminar Transcription Services
  6. Conference Call Transcription Services
  7. Video to Text Transcription Services
  8. Thesis Transcription Services
  9. Financial Transcription Services
  10. Webcast Transcription Services

Why Choose Langma School of Languages for Transcription Services?

We are the leading transcription service provider in Dubai with a team of professional & talented transcribers and with industry leading transcription quality. Unlike other providers, we are not rely on machines, scrapper tools, or robotics for transcription. Rather, we have a team of adroit professionals who are skilled in various languages and are able to give excellent results when it comes to translation services.

Our professional transcribers in Dubai offers 99.9% accuracy on all your transcripts. Before the submissions, all are works are reviewed and proof read by our professional transcriptionists to ensure high percentage of accuracy guarantee.

To date, we have served the transcriptional needs of people from various industries including – attorneys, public speakers, journalists, editors and producers. 

We provide the high quality transcription services at the best competitive rates. If you’re looking for a transcription services to transcribe your audio or video file, call or email us for a quote!