Voice Over Services

Voice Over Services in Dubai

Are you looking for a professional voice over services? You’re in the right place! At Langma School of Languages in Dubai, we work with hundreds of industry leading voice actors. We provide professional quality recording, editing, mixing and mastering services for our clients globally.

With an international pool of talent, we make sure your message is clearly delivered in your local language with a voice that matches your brand’s identity. We have a team of native speakers who are well trained in delivering a perfect combinations of accurate voices and accent in the required language.

Our voice actors possess years of experience and understand the complexity of the roles they perform and do their best in providing the perfect voice over. By having the perfect sensations in the voice, our voice actors are able to stir emotions among the listeners.  With a professional speakers, we deliver cross cultural communication by recording and editing voice overs in local & regional languages as demanded by businesses.

We provide voice over services in all languages using hand-picked talented professionals who are well versed on the selective language. Our voice actors have undergone special training in voice recording to maintain the ideal pitch, tone and rhythm while doing voice over.  Before submission of the final audio files, all the voice recordings are thoroughly tested for voice clarity. We use high end technology to record voice over and our team deliver voice over files in any required format as per the clients demand.

Types of Voice Over Services We Do

  • Commercial Voice Overs
  • Animation Voice Overs
  • Corporate and Educational Voice Overs
  • Audio Book Voice Overs
  • Story Narration Voice Overs

Over years of experience in providing the good voice over services, Langma School of Languages in Dubai has helped numerous clients and other production companies both domestic and overseas. As one of the foremost companies in Dubai, we are fully equipped and capable of handling any audio recording requirement whether its translation, documentary, video production or multimedia project.

Do you require any help in doing voice over for your project? Need assistance from our professional voice actors? Are you ready to tell us more about your project? Contact us today! Our team is readily available to assist you with all your voice recording needs.