Terms And Conditions

Terms and Conditions of  Langma School of Languages

Interested in joining Langma family to learn new languages and explore new opportunities? Read the terms and conditions governed by our school which the students and the school should comply with, when they enrolls for a learning program with us.

Enrollment Criteria

Our admission policy is to admit candidates irrespective of social, racial, religious and other considerations.

Candidates can submit their admission application to Langma School of Languages directly. You can get application forms directly from reception or by contacting the counseling desk online.

Admission Rules for Students

  1. They should have the interest to purse the program
  2. Submit the application form to enroll with us.
  3. Submit the copies of Valid ID card or passport along with the application form
  4. Need to take the placement entrance test

Besides these, students who are applying for our learning courses are required to make the payment before the learning courses starts.

Introduction to our Program Placement

  1. Before enrolling in our school, all our students are advised to attend an introduction session which will introduce our key personnel, program and certification courses offered by us. In this induction program, the students will be informed about the punctuality & attendance policy and other rules followed by Langma School of Languages. They also kept informed about their certification test and the timetable to attend the classes.
  2. We will approve the placement of the student on the basis on written test and short interview. Based on the test report, its Langma’s responsibility is to assign student at the appropriate level and the students have to hereby accept and acknowledge it.
  3. Our professionals provide the best online learning courses based on the level of the students; any change or update in the level is based on the summative assessment and Langma’s family discretion.

Our Criteria in Assessments and Examinations

  1. Our professional tutors offer on going formative and assessment exams throughout all programs. Our teachers at our school organizes official exam preparation contents and offer guidelines for self-study.
  2. The candidates need to sign the service agreement which agrees that they have understand the exam is mandatory in order to obtain the certificate for the learning courses.
  3. Our counseling desk will inform the students about the registration closing dates for the respective exams. Also, the students are requested to pay the examination fees at the counseling desk 15 days prior to the exam and they are requested to submit all their details to the Students Liaison Officer in writing to info@langmainternational.com.
  4. The registration fee and the program fee doesn’t cover the exam fee. Anyhow, it’s Langma School’s sole decision to inform students about the fees and other examination schedule.

The Courses We Provide at Langma School of Languages include:

  2. GOETHE, TELC (German)
  3. DELF, TEF, DALF, TCF (French)
  4. SIELE, DELE (Spanish)
  5. CILS, CELI (Italian
  6. TORFL (Russian)
  7. CAPLE (Portuguese)
  8. HSK (Chinese)
  9. TOPIK (Korean
  10. JLPT (Japanese)

Holiday and Unscheduled Leave

We do not held classes on public holidays. But anyhow, it’s Langma’s responsibility to decide whether to offer extra sessions in case students classes comes on public holidays.

No unauthorized leaves are permitted for student except – health complications, close family bereavement, or any legal issues. In case of any unforeseen situations, students are advised to apply for leave in writing to the Director of Academics (info@langmainternational.ae). Also, while applying for leave, students are advised to precisely mention the duration of the leave required and submit the relevant documents in regards to the reason you mentioned.

Students who are sick and can’t able to attend the class need to mention the faculty members and this must be done every day until they return to the class). The students who took for sick leave are advised to present a doctor’s prescription in case they are missed to attend the class more than 2 days. And also, it must be noted that failure to submit the doctor’s prescription may force the management to take disciplinary action against the student.

Attendance and Punctuality

Langma School of Languages doesn’t hold any responsibility to reschedule the classes or organize extra classes to make up for any classes that the student have missed.

Students are advised to be on time to attend the class whether it’s face-to-face or group lesson. One time grace period of 15 minutes will be given to a student to attend the class. And after the grace period, students are not allowed to attend the class.

Frequent absences will be notified to the students via writing. And if the same issue persist even after 2 weeks, then the Langma’s family is obliged to take action against the student by issuing the final warning informing the possible exclusion. Students who are expelled are not entitled to apply for refund or readmission.

Students are not allow to smoke or drink inside the premises; also, they are not allowed to attend any classes, if they are found to be under the influence of drug or alcoholic substances.

Accepted Payment Methods by Langma School of Languages

 Our school accepts admission fees and examination fees through Bank Transfer, Credit or Debit Card and Cheque.

The full fee must be paid before starting to attend the classes.

When Bank Transfer or Credit Card or Debit card is chosen for payment, an additional 2% would be charged and GST is exclusive.

Our Bank Details are as Follows:

Account Name: Langma School of Languages Pvt. Ltd
Account Number: 50200003479232
IFSC: HDFC0000319
IBAN: GB58CHAS60924211135191
Swift Code: HDFCINBB
Bank: HDFC Bank Ltd
Branch: South Extension Part- 2

Refund Policy

In case of refund, Langma School of Languages can be able to process the refund no later by the end of the first week. And the student can get the refund of paid fees less than 10% of the administration fee. No later cancellation can be subjected to refund.

Cancellation of programs should be reported in writing to info@langmainternational.ae

All refunds will be processed by Langma team within 15 working days subjected with the date the refund request was made. And to initiate the refund process, the student need to submit the following documents:-

Name of the Account Holder:

Address of the Account Holder:

Bank Name:

Bank Branch: